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“Jack Hamann ... one of the Northwest’s most respected journalists ... has crafted an impressive debut book that is painstakingly researched and documented but also manages to be an enthralling read. * * * It was Leslie Hamann who made the crucial discovery that provides the revisionist underpinnings for On American Soil.”

-Seattle Post-Intelligencer


“Jack and Leslie Hamann, the husband-and-wife team who produced the documentary Generation IX, were intimately connected with their subject ...”

- Seattle Times


“This book reads like an outstanding piece of literary fiction, but it is investigative reporting of the highest order ... [Jack] Hamann, with researcher Leslie Hamann, uncovered a web of lies in a book that holds lessons for today on the tensions between national security and individual rights. * * * THE INVESTIGATIVE BOOK OF THE YEAR.”

-Investigative Reporters & Editors, Inc.


“Not only riveting, On American Soil is also essential reading for anyone concerned about the delicate balance between national security and individual rights. Jack Hamann proves that a true tale well told can be as gripping as fiction.”

-James Bradley, author, Flags of Our Fathers


“Generation IX is a smart, finely tuned film, worth viewing by anyone who gives a hoot about young women, athlete or not.”

-Seattle Times


“It was a crime so improbable that many had trouble believing it could have happened at all. * * * It wasn’t until journalist Jack Hamann came upon the Italian soldier’s grave in 1986 and began years of research that archival material was uncovered, demonstrating fatal flaws in the government’s case.”

-Los Angeles Times


“Razor-sharp ... Hamann’s lively narrative and incisive commentary raise the standard for investigational writing.”

-Library Journal


“The House ... passed a measure directing the Army to open the review after the 2005 publication of a book, On American Soil, by a Seattle author and journalist, Jack Hamann. The book detailed evidence from the case that had not been made public.”

-New York Times


“Brilliant film. After the Rains is truly an amazing work.”

-Apoorva Mallya,  Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation